Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Appliances.....I Hate them!

I don't normally like to complain on my blog, but I'm pretty disgusted and can't help myself. It has to do, as you can guess, with Appliances.
We seem to have no luck with them. I'm now convinced that there is no reason to buy a higher end appliance. You get sold on energy savings, lasting longer, an overall better return on your money.....on and on and on they go. I call BULLSHIT! Why you ask? Well, about 6 years ago we did just that! Here is the list of what was purchased around that time frame of say 6 to 7 years ago.
1. a new Amana fridge, great reviews and farily pricy for a normal looking fridge.
2. Over the range microwave
3. Maytag Gas Range with double oven
4. Medium chest freezer made by fridgidare
5. Dishwasher made by fridgidare x 2
6. Washer and dryer made by maytag (the neptune series) very high reviews

So basicly all the major appliances a house would need.......Now, take a guess at what are still working or haven't been repaired......NONE!

1. Amana fridge....Gone, broke two weeks ago!
2. cook no more!
3. Gas Brain went out within the first year, still here but who knows for how long!
4. Chest freezer....Gone, lasted 2 years before compressor failed
5. Dishwasher.....yep, on number 2! First one lasted 2 years....and new one doesn't clean that well anymore
6. Washer and of last night main bearing going out in Washer!

Yep, they've all failed! The topper for me is the washer, especially since i have a sour tast in my mouth after just buying a new fridge 2 weeks ago, now i get to deal with the washer!

These were all bought new, and have been treated well, and not abused......EVER!

Ya wanna know what has lasted? My bait fridge in the shop i got for FREE, the upright freezer i got for FREE, and the cheap as microwave we paid 60 bucks for 10 years ago!

All i can say is i'm disgusted!

well, i'll now get off my soap box, and yes i feel a little better!

Signing off from the North.....where thoughts of a clothes line, a wood fired stove, and an ice box dance through our heads!

Mark...."The Iron Skillet"


  1. hey, nothin' like clothes fresh off the line
    and a wood burning stove is awesome . . . well maybe not for the person cutting and splitting the wood
    and ice box, i know nothin about except it may be worth a try
    good luck with all your new appliances

  2. mark
    you've got a new truck . . . let's hear about it